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Upcycled Denim

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Many of you have probably laid hands on an old pair of denim before, trying to give that perfect washed out jeans a few more years – let me guess, you are the proud owner of two to three jeans shorts, just like me. Re/Done, Vetements or Off White – a couple of brands that recently appeared on the scene – are now taking the reuse of denim a step further. They take vintage Levi’s jeans from the 70ies, 80ies or 90ies and reconstruct them to create new and stylish looks (which, by the way, look way more crafty than my denim cut-offs).

A Pair of Re/Done Denims © PR

A Pair of Re/Done Denims © PR

A pair of denims by Off-White © PR

A pair of denims by Off-White © PR

Unlike the millions of garments from fast fashion chains, which often end up in the trash a mere season after buying, good quality textiles such as Levi’s cotton jeans rather end up in thrift stores and make a perfect starting point for a brand like Re/Done. Upcycling them helps creating less production waste, minimizes the carbon footprint and stops adding more textiles to the world.

I like the whole vintage deconstruct-reconstruct concept. Not only does the sustainable aspect appeal to me, but every pair of denim is unique and has its very own story.



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