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Casual essentials: white t-shirt and denim like a pro! © Instagram/industrystandardny

Ultimate Classic: White Tee and Denim

The summer uniform!

I was born in the 90s so never really had the chance to fully embrace its iconic style. Lucky me, fashion likes to repeat itself sometimes and this summer the 90s minimalism comeback made me super happy! Finally, a classic T-shirt tucked in a pair of jeans (or cutoffs) was officially gonna become my uniform. For once I could dress like the 90s icons – I am thinking about Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. The effortless look is here waiting for me… or should I say I am waiting for it! While looking for this essential item I realized how hard it actually is to find the affordable perfect white T-shirt. In fact, the T-shirt market is pretty saturated. You can find one almost anywhere. But finding a T-shirt that isn’t $80 is actually really hard, especially if it’s in organic cotton. Nonetheless, I recently discovered Industry Standard, which has become one of my favorite labels for its amazing basics. They’re happily plain, with slim, easy silhouettes and a length that’s tailor-made for tucking in or leaving out. I have made a selection of the best affordable brands you can find. My favorite? The Armedangels one with a little Ice Cream drawing, just to make it different from the rest! 




Organic by John Patrick




There is nothing better than a  good pair of jeans to match the perfect white T-shirt. You can play around when it comes to styling: tucked in, you can leave it outside, roll up the sleeves and if the temperatures are super high why not dare a knot on the front to get a cropped version!

Kings of Indigo



Text: Margaux Lombard

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