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Try This – Workout without leaving your bed

Six exercises you can do from bed

Best thing of Labour day is that I can spend all day in bed, relaxing and enjoying some of my favorite movies. I usually feel a bit guilty because I don’t go to the gym or miss my yoga class – and I am quite addicted to them. However, I recently discovered a tricky way that makes me feel good without having to put my gym clothes on or even moving from my bed! It is a real workout but not a strenuous one- nothing compared to crossfit or soulcycle. It is a way to incorporate some movement and activity into a standard morning routine or a lazy one without requiring a trip to the gym ( so no excuses accepted this time!). These easy movements can literally be done by everyone immediately upon waking up. They are enjoyable and cute pajamas help as well!

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Here how to start:

1. The tightest part of our body first thing in the morning are our hip flexors. Knee hugs will help warm them up right away. To wake up your legs hug one knee at a time, you can go for 30 seconds each side 2-3 times.

2. Still no need to move from bed and do a couple of crunches. Don’t expect miracles or a six pack straight away, but engaging your core first thing in the morning will pay off.

3. To wake up your gluts, quads and hamstrings do an assisted chair pose on your bed 5 times. Stand up in front of your bed, pretend you are going to sit down and as soon as you touch the bed stand up. 

4. There’s no real fitness routine without training your arms and upper body. For the tricep dips use your bed as a step and push your body weight up and down. Repeat 10 or 15 times. 

5. Time for a break and some news scrolling with your wall sits. Lie against a wall, bend your knees 45 degrees and hold the position as long as you can.

6. As a final step work on your balance, hitting your core, your glutes, and your brain. Stand and balance on one leg while you lift and push the other one on your inner tight. You can drink your morning coffe while doing that or go through the alphabet for a more hard core version. Repeat on both sides. 

Well done! Now you can go back to your daily activity, work or back to bed without feeling too guilty!

Text: Margaux Lombard

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