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Kate Middleton cover for Vogue UK April 2016 Issue © Instagram/vogueuk

Try this – repeat your outfit, it’s a royal trend!

Kate Middleton fashion statement

We live in a consumption society and the more we buy, the more we have and waist, the better we feel. To be precise, we don’t feel good about waisting, but we are surrounded by consumption and feel like we have to constantly buy new clothes or items. Fashion is the definitely the best example and reflexion of this behavior. Appearing with the same outfit to more than an event or using the same top twice in a row is almost inconceivable. Buying always new clothes means accumulating an incredible amount of them and most likely wearing them just a few times. For all of those who are not big fans of this, don’t worry as it looks like reusing your old clothes is becoming a trend, especially since Kate Middleton is doing it. And if the royals do it, why shouldn’t you do it as well?

Kate Middleton outfit repeat!

Besides reusing Prince Harry and Prince George clothes for Princess Charlotte ( which parents hasn’t done it?!), Kate Middleton frequently repeats her favorite looks, too—whether it’s a high-street jacket or designer dress—a totally normal practice that’s been documented in details by magazines from all over the world. Celebrities, which are constantly photographed, tend to fill, say, an entire home with clothes and never wear the same dress twice. Kate’s outfit-repeat policy – certainly makes her more relatable and human, but it also reflects her priorities as a mother, wife, and philanthropist. Which isn’t to say she doesn’t care about fashion—she probably spends more time strategizing those outfits than we would think—but she likely doesn’t have time to worry if someone will notice that she’s wearing the same pair of red pumps. The best outcome of all this? A responsible and more sustainable wardrobe. So have a look into your closet and maybe it’s time to wear that old blouse with your latest denim. A good mix is always a good idea and remember: vintage is trendy so no shame in wearing the same clothes twice!


Text: Margaux Lombard, August 12th 2017

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