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Try this: Build your own capsule collection

The essential items every closet should have

How often do you look at your wardrobe and think of everything you don’t own or how you have nothing to wear? Well I just moved into a new flat and I realized it was time to have a big closet clear out and take the chance to actually see what I own, what I am missing and what I don’t use anymore. I realized I had so many old t-shirt from college that I haven’t been wearing for the last 5 years ( at least!). Personally I have found that keeping a well curated wardrobe comes down to one basic principle: focused shopping (especially in order to avoid any purchases you don’t need and will regret as soon as you get home). As the season of shopping is upon us, I thought it would be an ideal time to revisit these key principles so we can all identify what to clear out and what we need to buy just in time for the new items that we’ll be purchasing – or enjoy some last summer sales!

The key to build a functional closet is adding to it in a considered way. This means, knowing what you need and identifying your key items: tops, trousers, jackets, shoes and bags. 

Tops are essentials, including good basics as well. The best outfits comprise a combination of staples and statement, trend-driven pieces. So if your wardrobe lacks variety and you don’t have options for both categories, you’re always going to feel unsatisfied with your wardrobe. Neutral colors are always a good options and some more trendy tops will allow you to create a couple of different outfits.

Acne Studios Shirt

Vita Kin Blouse

Edun Top

A great trick is to make sure each item goes well with each other. That ensures that not only is the item versatile, it allows you to consider before you buy, what you’ll wear it with so you can easily start wearing straight away. We definitely need jeans and trousers – the better option is always to choose a model that fits for several occasions. 

Re/Done Denim

Stella McCartney


Invest in quality pieces. It’s definitely no secret that the saying “you get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to buying clothes but it also pays to shop smarter. Knowing which items to go all out for and which to hold back on a little is key to covering all the bases in your wardrobe. For garments such as a trench coat or jackets, that you will use everyday, it’s important to invest as much as you can in them as these pieces need to be well made and durable.

Stella McCartney

Filippa K

Closed Trench

Whether your look tends to be classic or edgy, your wardrobe needs to reflect your personal style or you’ll never feel confident with what you wear . This is why I like to have some statement piece such as shoes and bags.  

Clare V.

Stella McCartney


Text: Margaux Lombard, July 29th 2017

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