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Lena Mayer-Landrut wear a bomber jacket by Closed ©

The Bomber Jacket

From subculture to mainstream “the bomb” now fits all occasions

Originally worn by army pilots the bomber jacket has been adopted by right and leftist skinhead culture where designers picked up on it and revamped it to fit the tastes of a broader audience. It has evolved to a style staple that never goes out of style. On the functional side this of piece outerwear is an easy slip-on piece just made for when temperatures drop. Although it has been on the fashion radar for quite a while, the variety in style, colour and silhouette seems to have exploded lately. From knitted, leather or satin versions to embroidered and quilted pieces, the bomber is a true allrounder. Whether you prefer a more dressed-up or the athleisure version – get some inspiration from the galleries below and have a look at our shop to find your perfect bomber in no time.

Athleisure style

The most casual way to dress a bomber jacket is in combination with denims and sneakers. Go for an oversized style, add a bit of colour and you get a laid back look yet far from dull. If want to go all in on the comfy side, grab your cashmere joggers, a cosy sweater and stay in the rather calm colour range. Either way a great look for a relaxed way to style your bomber.

Bomber inpost5Bomber inpost7Bomber inpost6Bomber inpost4


Today a bomber jacket is a staple in a lot of people’s wardrobe. Although it is considered to be a casual garment, with the new variety of styles you can simply dress it up as well. All it needs is a bit of silk, embroidery and the right mix of apparel. We chose a knitted bomber, paired it with a shiny skirt and patent leather heels. Be bold and experiment!

Bomber inpostBomber inpost1Bomber inpost2Bomber inpost 3


A look that I like a lot is the layering look. A midi or maxi dress in a mute colour worn under a  heavy knit sweater creates the base. Depending on the occasion you can pair it either with sneakers or ankle boots. The checkered bomber jacket is the perfect finish for an effortless look with a twist.

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