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Steady, ready, go ... Be sure to pack the essentials on your next trip! ©, December 2014 by Cass Bird

Top 5 essentials to pack for your holiday

The art of traveling light

I have always travelled a lot – not complaining about it! – and I love it. Either for work or for holidays, Summer months are especially busy on my agenda. After years of packing, not bringing enough clothes or too many, I have finally found the right balance. My next trip is a long weekend along the coast (yes cant wait!) and I am well aware of the struggle it can be when packing for such a short holiday. Planning the outfits, thinking what goes well with something…you can spend hours in front of your luggage and closet trying to find a good compromise for your luggage and your personal style! Besides a few basic pieces that I know I will wear for sure, there are 5 essentials items that are necessary for my relaxing beach weekend – and who knows, maybe you will get some inspiration for your next packing. I love to wear dresses when I am on holidays because they don’t take much space in the luggage and they are easy to wear with everything: sandals, sneakers, high heels…to go to the beach or to a dinner.

1.This year, instead of a classic dress I know I will pack my beloved Muzungu Sisters kaftan. Cut from lightweight cotton, it is perfect for tropical vacations. Hand-embroidered by a skilled artisan, this special piece is detailed with whipstitching, rainbow-hued chevron stripes and vibrant floral vines. Perfect to wear over a bikini or to dinner with sandals.  

Muzungu Sisters Kaftan © PR

2.Most important is my swimsuit! I have to confess that this is the first thing I pack – once I was having a summer vacation I forgot all my swimsuit, I wasn’t really happy. Either one piece or bikini, it depends from your personal taste. As we are at the beginning of the season I like to wear a bikini, so I can get some colors on my stomach. My favorite one so far is the Mara Hoffman Striped bikini, perfect for vacations with nautical stripes.

Mara Hoffman bikini © PR

3.At this point you’re on a roll, and your sight is set on the really important things now: protection. Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Don’t forget, those super smooth legs haven’t seen the light of day for probably nine months—your skin is in mortal danger out there. Susanne Kaufmann’s sun cream provides high, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection without irritating the skin. Its packed with wild ingredients harvested and cultivated organically from Austria’s Bregenzer Forest, including intensely nourishing Jojoba Oil and anti-inflammatory Balloon Vine Oil. Other active ingredients reduce the formation of damaging free radicals and delay premature ageing. It’s your new secret weapon against exposure.

Susanne Kaufmann sun cream © PR

4.I like hats, especially big ones – a must for every holiday! I recently came across a brand for which I felt in love: Sensi Studio. Their vibrant accessories are hand-crafted by local artisans in Ecuador. Operating with a strong social responsibility, the label combines traditional toquilla straw-weaving techniques with modern flair.

Sensi Studio hat © PR

5.The last essential item for my holiday are my sunglasses – not much to say about them – just something that you will definitely wear the whole time and doesn’t take much space!

Stella McCartney sunglasses © PR

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