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Sunglasses please! ©Instagram/stellamccartney

The sunglasses edit

Time to see the world with different eyes!

My motto of the month is “You’re not ready for Summer till you’ve found the right sunglasses”. And it looks like summer 2017 is the sunglasses season – not saying that usually it’s the opposite, but this time we are talking about different models, with different colors and forms. It’s just a different vibe compared to the previous years. This year creativity has played a big role! I love sunglasses and cannot get tired or bored by a new pair. They have become a must have that have a proper role in my outfit, going beyond their function such as protecting from the sun.

Acne Studios

Stella McCartney

However, we are all well aware of the fact that when it comes to sunglasses you need to get in the right frame, which can be a real struggle and waste of time. I am quite picky concerning the topic and cannot even count the times I have spent a whole afternoon trying new frames and went home just with my old ones. As every year I am in the same situation, this time I decided to share with you my favorite shades and who knows, maybe you want have to spend that much time looking for your new dream sunglasses! 

Viu Eyewear



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