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The art of Kaftans

The come back of the tunic dresses

I always thought that kaftans can only be used at the beach or during my summer holidays. What happened this spring, is that I have developed a surprising and unexpected love affair with kaftans. These garments that turn a piece of fabric into something that I would associate near nudity and give you the right breeze when the temperatures become unbearable, have been irresistible to cultures all over the world for centuries. Beside the less appealing ones with unfitted forms, their looks, lines, and prints have actually started to obsess me. I realized then that a lot of friends around me had developed a kaftan adoration, especially due to their powerful, sophisticated appeal. The most attractive side of these items is that they’re easy, but elegant at the same time. Kaftans have gone through an “existential change” – what once seemed styleless now seems elegant and recherché. If before I used to have one Kaftan that was my uniform during my summer holiday in Italy, I have now switched to them for my daily city outfit – temperatures are so high that my legs cant bare a pair of jeans! I could wear one every day – they are so unique and different that it’s impossible to get bored or to look repetitive. This dress works in any scenario, from work to dinner and dancing. They are comfortable and loose, but don’t request to sacrifice your style. Stylist Doria Santlofer says, “In a caftan you could be lounging by Saint Laurent’s pool in 1970s Marrakesh or hanging with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton on a movie set!” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s all about playing with the right accessories and shoes – no rules for these. Flat leather sandals, colorful clogs, or high of heels brings this look from the beach to the party under the starts.

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