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Improve your soak with these bathoils © Anja Timme

Take your time

and take a bath

It’s that time of year again when spending some time in a steamy bathtub is just the right evening program. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures drop and you can feel the cold creeping into your bones. What’s better to fight those freezing days than taking a relaxing pampering bath.

Sometimes it might not even be the cold but the stress in a world full of meetings, responsibilities and hustle you can easily escape from. So, turn off the phone, light some candles, make yourself a refreshing tea and take care of the right music – It’s YOU time.

Soaking in the warm water alone has a very relaxing and stress relieving effect, with the right bath additives you will even experience an uplifting result.

The bath oils containing citrus, grapefruit or peppermint are perfect to revitalize your skin and senses. To calm down try stress relief bath salts with lavender or cedar wood. Now, who says bubble baths are just for kids? 

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