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The art of relaxing in a beautiful swimsuit! © Instagram/bowerswimwear

It’s summer … Time to swim!

The top pieces to wear to the beach and pool

I love summer – and when I say love, i literally mean it. My behavior hasn’t changed much from when I was a child. Around June I always get excited about buying a new swimwear – this is part of my tradition. Nonetheless, I am well aware of how important it is to have the right swimsuit in order to enjoy the sun and the ocean, as there is nothing more annoying than an uncomfortable swimsuit that goes as soon as the first wave hits you. But let’s not forget about swimming pools on the coast, I quite like them as well. This is why, every occasion and place deserves the right outfit.

1. The onepiece

This summer I have a crash on one pieces – I know I will regret it in July when I will realize that besides arms and legs, the rest of my body is white! However, I cant stop myself. They are so elegant and so comfortable for any situation – waves or Mediterranean – you can be sure you won’t loose your swimsuit this time. 

Mara Hoffman © PR

Mymarini © PR

2. The bikini

Bikinis are a classic. You can never go wrong with them and if you find the right models, you are sorted for the next few months. Depending from the occasion or my mood, I like to switch between a simple triangle shape and a bandeau (perfect for my tanning!) 

Alix © PR

Stella McCartney © PR

2. The pool swimsuit

This is what I call the “Côte d’Azur pool  swimsuit“. It’s perfect for a French or Italian riviera holiday, where the most important thing is to look good next to the pool! 

Bower © PR

Mara Hoffman © PR

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