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Classic sales situation! ©Instagram/blairwaldorf

Summer Sale

The top items not to miss from this season!

The summer sales are almost over, with a ton of bargains not to be missed. It’s all too easy to lose focus (and spending limits) when there are giant red 50% off signs on every site and high street corner. Working out a tactical approach and being sensible (to a degree – we permit a spontaneous but fabulous buy every now and again) is key to shopping successfully. For the last few months I got my eyes on some items but I never was brave enough to shop them – most likely because too expensive or not 100% sure about them. And this is the right time to make a move and add some new entries to my closet. Throughout years I have developed some important points that I keep in my mind before starting my sales hunt and I hope you will be able to benefit from them as well!

1.Know what you need

As soon as sales start I look at my closet and identify what I need. I don’t really like to buy a new jeans if I already have 5 pairs that I still can use. However, I have to admit that once in a while a do a little crazy purchase for self pleasure!

Mara Hoffman



Filippa K

2.Buy wearable pieces

They are always a good investment. Stick to a colour palette you already wear to ensure sale buys blend into your wardrobe seamlessly. A pair of tapered navy trousers are timeless as is a great-fitting checked blazer. Avoid buying anything that doesn’t work with your existing outfits. I love dresses and every occasion is good to get a new one

Acne Studios

Mara Hoffman

Sensi Studio

3.Avoid trend items

That bright green bag that is so fashionable at the moment. It is lovely, but it’s likely only to get a few wears before you grow bored. Instead, invest in classic pieces from trends that are set to continue into next season. The best shoes you can buy are the ones you know you will be able to wear for the next years. 

Stella McCartney


Lika Mimika

Gabriela Hearst

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