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Six golden rules for a perfect skin

All you need to know about a great beauty routine

Our skin is a pure reflection of our inside. It’s one of the first things people see of us – therefore you might be aware of its importance. Make-up and foundation are just tools to cover it up, this is why it’s important to be confident with everything its underneath and most of all happy with your skin. All this doesn’t come by itself – maybe yes but just for a minority of us! For the rest of us – common mortals – our skincare needs and problems are totally unique to us. Nonetheless, you need to take care of your skin properly otherwise it will be almost impossible to get the results you want from your make-up. Here, the six rules every woman should know about skincare so that your face is always flawless and glowing!

1. The change over

Make sure you have a constant rotation of clean towels, clothes and bedsheets so that your skin wont be in contact to any unnecessary bacteria. In fact, warmth, moisture and dead skin cells are the perfect habitat for bacteria and breakouts. 

2. Hydrate

Hydrate is essential for every skin. Beside putting your daily cream, don’t forget to op up your water glass, sip tea and be sure that your skin is getting what it needs, especially in winter.

3. Oil up

Oils are always a bit tricky, so don’t be scared to experiment and try several ones until you find a blend that works for you. Depending from you skin and pigmentation, your skin can easily be soothed with an oil kick added to your daily routine. Rose hip, sea buckthorn and even olive oil are all good places to start.

4. Stay sun safe

Direct sun is not really good for our skin – how often do you really reach for your SPF? As an alternative to thick sunscreen under your make-up, you can opt for SPF-rich foundations, BB creams and primers that will add protection and no extra steps to your routine.

5. Take care of your eyes

Eyes are the most delicate part of the face and should be handled with care. Taking a few extra seconds to pat on your eye cream and removing make-up properly will serve pay off later on. Be sure to invest in an eye cream that hydrates but also have ingredients like caffeine or ginger to wake the eye area up.

6. Make-up break up

All make-up has an expiry date and this is one rule that should never be broken or ignored. Replacing your make-up once it has reached its use-by date is important not only to protect you from breakouts or infection but also for their efficacy. 

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