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The simple truth – the ultimate cure for cellulite

Time to embrace your body!

It’s that time of the year again…bikini, beaches, mini skirts. We have worked so hard for the so famous bikini body that we don’t know what to do anymore! And here we are again, like every summer, looking at our bodies and complaining about cellulite – probably the most popular topic of conversation on beauty and fitness websites when the summer season approaches. Wondering how to finally get rid of it? Here’s how to be cellulite free once and for all: You cannot! Let’s make it clear.Cellulite is just a normal thing that happens to all of us: babies have cellulite. Models have cellulite. I have cellulite—everything is beautiful and it’s time we start to embrace our bodies and accept them for the way they are. Forget all these extremely expensive treatments where the results are unfortunately not long-lasting. 

If you feel like you need to do something there are some more affordable creams and home remedies, such as dry brushing , the exhilarating process in which you polish your legs and body with a dense brush. The act boosts circulation and helps drain lymph fluid (Bad Things) while exfoliating, and that combined over the skin and under the skin exfoliation is said to aid in the removal of cellulite. It will not get rid of cellulite. It will make your skin happy enough to erode any other bodily insecurities.

In the meantime: Love your cellulite and enjoy the sunshine!



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Text: Margaux Lombard

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