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Und Gretel Lieth Make-up
Raw Materials
All raw materials must be at least partially certified organic or recycled. Animal-free, vegan raw materials are also part of our line of goods.
Production Process
An environmentally sound production is crucial to us. We consider a variety of factors from reduced-water-consumption, low-energy-production, non-toxic processing, waste management, the use of renewable resources as well as processing techniques such as recycling, upcycling and cradle-to-cradle.
Instead of “fast” fashion we offer products made from high quality materials and produced through skilled craftsmanship. The products we curate are made to last and thus have a low environmental impact. Where possible we select brands that offer a repair and care service.
Membership with NGO´s to foster and control transparency of production
Many of the brands we select are members of organizations such as the Fair Wear Foundation, Made by, the Ethical Trading Initiative or the Business Social Compliance Initiative. All of them support them in their efforts towards building an ethical supply chain while also controlling and evaluating the process.

Die leichte, feinflüssige Textur bringt den natürlichen Hautton zur Geltung und die individuelle Persönlichkeit des Teints zum Strahlen. Hagebuttenkern-Öl verbessert die Feuchtigkeitsaufnahme der Haut und natürliches Vitamin E hilft freie Radikale zu bekämpfen. Extrakte aus Muskatellersalbei und Kamille erfrischen und beruhigen schon beim Auftragen. Das Ergebnis ist eine ebenmäßige, geschmeidige Gesichtshaut mit seidenmattem Finish. Dank Pumpspender exakt dosierbar, für leichte bis hohe Deckkraft. LIEHT ist in fünf Farbvarianten erhältlich – alle Töne lassen sich für eine individuell perfekt abgestimmte Nuance miteinander mischen.

48 €

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