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Simson clogs © Anna Rosa Krau

Shoe of the day – The weirdly attractive Clogs

Forget bulky – meet the new clogs

Sit down and take a deep breath because you might not like what I am going to tell you now: the famous clogs are back! In the fashion world it’s rare to have new objects that have never been seen before. The typical thing is to find reinvented pieces and re-thought designs. Well, with clogs is the same thing. Before becoming a fashion trend, clogs have a long history in several cultures, such has in Sweden, Portugal and Holland. The original models were made of solid materials, such a wood and were used – and still are – among those who perform emotional labor such as nurses and flight attendants.

Gucci fur clogs © Instagram/brownsfashion

In 1979 Stanley Silverstein of Nina Shoes shared some industry lore with a reporter: Clogs, he said, are fashionable every seven years. He went on to trace the trend back to 1944, when, as a result of wartime restrictions on material, these wooden-soled shoes long associated with laborers, and later hippies, found themselves a place in fashion. It looks like Silverstein’s calculations are loosely accurate if we look at the platform-mad Spring 2017 collections. From a more classic model to upgraded version, Gucci is the king of catwalk clogs this season – with the addition of of a cheeky fur lining or its signature horse bit buckle. If you decide to go for it this season – keep things super ’70s and wear your clogs with a lot of denim – and finally the stereotypes on the wooden shoe might cease to exist. Beside Gucci, you can find clogs for any price this season and for every kind of taste, varying from more classic models to edgy and fashionable ones. 

Gucci Amstel horsebit-detailed leather clogs © PR

Birkenstock Dana © PR

Stella McCartney clogs © PR


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