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The Aeydė Mule © PR

Shoe of the day: The Aeydė mule

This Berlin brand has your feet covered

Among my infinite fashion addictions, I have a proper weakness when it comes to accessories and shoes – so it was only a matter of time until I got hooked on Aeydė. I think it’s quite hard to find a good brand of shoes nowadays, which is affordable, looks good and most of all is comfortable. How many times have you bought a pair of high heels and after two hours at a party you start walking like a truck driver and you have to control yourself not to take them off and start crying? I have lost track of the times I have been in this situation. So when I discovered Aeydė I was thrilled because they make really good shoes at a great price. 

Aeydė Vera Slippers © Instagram/thisisaeyde

Aeydė Vera Slippers © PR

Aeydė is a quite young Berlin based shoe brand. Founded in 2015, they produce in Italy and create contemporary women’s footwear design. Besides the extremely feminine design, quality is key. All shoes – heels to toe, inside and out – are made of luxury-grade materials, including 100% percent calfskin leathers. They work closely with a small family-owned shoe manufactory in Italy, materials are carefully cut and stitched by hand. I recently wrote about the latest trend on babouches – which I love! Because I have started to collect them I couldn’t not mention the Aeydė Vera ones. They come in a natural color and hot pink (perfect for every taste). They are pointy tipped, low-heeled and a classic “goes-with-everything” silhouette! If you like the brand, here a little selection of my favorite models beside the babouches. 

© PR

© PR

© PR

 Text: Margaux Lombard

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