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The Acne Studios Amina babouches represent a perfect fusion of vintage and contemporary style © Jennifer Endom

Shoe of the day: the Acne Studios babouche

Slow down your pace in style with the summer must-have!


One of the coolest shoes of this summer are the babouches. I remember my first encounter with babouches when I was 8 years old and went to Marocco with my parents. Everybody was wearing these weird but fascinating shoes (yes – at that time they were quite unusual for me). Obviously I immediately asked for a pair and after not even 2 hours in Marrakesh here we are, my brother and I, walking around town dressed up from head to toe like proper Moroccans.

Babouches are traditional shoes from the Oriental world and wherever you will go you will notice that that’s the main shoes they wear. They can be pointy or round on the front and they are open on the back. Usually made out of soft leather or fabric they are the most comfortable shoes ever. I recently got a new pair from Acne Studios when I was in Milan as I couldn’t walk anymore with my old shoes (classic situation when you have to walk a lot and you realize your shoes are actually not made for walking long distances !). They definitely are the most comfortable shoes ever – it feels like you left your home with your house shoes – but you look 10 times more stylish. What I noticed as well is that it takes a while to get used to them. Especially because I am not used to walk with open shoes on the back and for the first hour I was constantly scared to loose them and end up barefoot. If like me you are a fast walker these shoes will definitely make you slow down and maybe enjoy a bit more your walk! Varying from monochrome to embellished and leather to velvet, the selection will satisfy every taste.  

Ancient Greek Sandals © PR

Carrie Forbes © PR

Acne Studios © PR

Gucci © PR



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