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From bold to delicate: Melissa Joy Manning has only great pieces © instagram/melissajoymanning

Responsibly made jewelry by Melissa Joy Manning

These tiny golden hoops are my new favorite!

Looking for very delicate and responsibly made jewelry is no easy task. More than often I find designs either too bold, too heavy or its origin and production background isn’t clear at all. That’s why I was psyched to discover these teeny tiny hoops by American designer Melissa Joy Manning. As with many Californian designers – like the Mulleavy sisters behind fashion brand Rodarte for example – her most important source of inspiration is nature. Some of her designs can look a bit esoteric for my taste, especially when she works with turquoise, but I’ve seen no designer craft elegant simple pieces quite like she does.

Ethically made jewelry with gorgeous small pearls ©PR

These hoops come with gorgeous small pearls ©PR

Ethically made jewelry punctuated by a little bar © PR

These hoops are punctuated by a little bar © PR

Ethically made jewelry as simple and elegant as it gets  © PR

As simple and elegant as it gets – the tiny hoop from 14 Karat gold © PR

Ethically made jewelry: Why not add a tiny blue opal to the hoop? © PR

Why not add a tiny blue opal to the hoop? © PR


This designer jewlery is responsibly made

She makes all of her jewelry locally in California, pays her artisans living wages and has a retirement plan for them. What’s more is that her materials such as gold and silver as well as precious stones are green certified are part recycled or from conflict free mines. I also like the fact that her responsibly made jewelry comes with a small pricetag so any of these hoops make a great gift to a friend or even yourself. I can’t really make up my mind which of these hoops is my favorite – am leaning towards to one on the far right with the tiny blue opal. What do you think?

Text: Alex Bohn

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