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Put your feet up in the air like you don't care © Anja Timme

Crazy new years resolutions? The week one check-up!

2017: ease in and zen out

The new year is about a week old. And I can’t help but wonder: How are you doing with your new years resolutions? Did you decide to step up the pace and hit the gym five times a week to be in your best shape before easter? Are you trying out a new diet sans sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol, red fruit, yellow fruit and gluten? How’s that working out for you?

Making the most out of a fresh start

Don’t get me wrong: I like the idea of starting over and heading into a brand new year (and me) when the clock turns 12:01 on new years eve. And I never go without a new years resolution, to be fair, I even used to make entire lists of things I was eager to do. So when 2016 came to an end I was quick to think, that, yes, I needed to find more time for a sport that would whip me into shape while at the same time giving me some well-needed peace of mind. I thought: How about five times a week, each weekday before I head off to work? I started to envision myself in a perky sports outfit, lacing up my running shoes while it was still pitch-balck outside and running into the dawn.

Reality checked – I don’t want to run when it’s dark out, I want to sleep

And while in the last years I would have comitted to this goal only to beat myself up about failing to achieve it a mere month later, this time around I was like: ‘Wait a minute, going for a morning run at 6 am, before the day starts with my loved ones waking and the first meetings to be held, that’s never going to happen. The only thing I want to do at 6 am is sleep for every single precious minute that’s left of the night.’

Be kind – unwind

I took a closer look at what I really wanted and what I am realistically able to achieve. I want less work, less stress and more time outside, ideally in nature. And that’s what I’m going to opt for this year: Long strolls and maybe even the occasional run outside with as much green and open skies meeting my eye as Berlin inner city allows for. I’m looking for three times a week so I still have room for a bit of yoga. And as for less work I’m aiming to shut down my computer at 8 pm and have let go of projects that I can only manage if I clone myself. Week one of keeping up with my new years resolutions is looking good. Let’s see where next week takes me.

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