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Alex Bohn in her Live the Process yoga pants © Jennifer Endom

Product of the day – great yoga wear

How to dress comfortably with sportswear

The last few years we have seen a strong comeback of sportswear, both on the streets and on the fashion shows, becoming the backbone to any modern look. Modern, because sportswear is just so easy to wear on any day of the week, in pretty much any scenario. I have never been a fan of sportswear, but at the same time I am a super active person, always keeping myself busy with a yoga or pilates class, a quick jog in the park or a horse riding session. You might be thinking how do I find time for all of this? Well, I am aware that between meetings, deadlines and hours hunched over your desk, it can be hard to make time for a proper workout. Nonetheless, I told myself that I had to make it work as my body needs to make up for all the hours spent in front my the PC. I have compiled a couple of workout outfits that might be just right for you and suitable for different situations on the go!

The morning Yoga Class

This is one of my favorite outfit – which I keep also longer than only in the morning. I love my 8 am yoga class, but I know how hard it is tog et up and start thinking what you should wear. I have developed a proper uniform that I put on when I get up and I am ready for the class. I usually also keep it a bit longer when I run my errands.

Live the Process

Live the Process

Sweaty Betty

 The weekend outfit

The weekend outfit is synonym of comfortability and coziness. This is the classic outfit I wear for my usual Saturday market groceries or when I know I will spend the whole weekend running around between meetings and me-time. The most important for me is that I don’t look to sporty but I am still comfortable!

Sweaty Betty

Live the Process

Stella McCartney

The expert outfit

This is the what I call the “professional outfit” – which I used to be but not anymore! If you are a regular runner you night know how important it is to have the right clothes and to have the right quantity as well. When it comes to running I am quite picky and I have my favorite uniform. 

Adidas by Stella McCartney


Adidas by Stella McCartney


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