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Filippa K slip on shoes ©

Product of the day: the Filippa K slip on shoes

When your shoes are as comfortable as your sleepers!

Slippers, or better yet slides, are the most comfortable shoes that could ever exist and this season they have also become super cool. This super easy shoe will have you out the door in a second – time to give your feet a break from heels, sneakers and boots and slip into a pair of cool, casual, and stylish sandals. I recently wrote about the come back of the “ugly shoes”, alias Birkenstock. This time your pool side will look better than ever. Luckily, designers embraced the sandal style this season in a variety of luxe treatments — meaning you’ll surely be the best-dressed, both at the pool or a party. The biggest superpower these slides hold is the fact that they can make any look and any outfit look French chic, or New York minimalist normcore. They just add that minimal sophistication to a style. But be careful, on the one hand it’s easy to just slip them on and go out, on the other it’s actually not that easy to wear them in the right way. My advice on the best way to style them? Wear them together with very basic items… 100% winning choice! Their styles range from the classic Birkenstocks to glittery slides, to those platform Stella McCartney ones, to the Closed crossed straps. 

Camille Charriere in her slip on sandals © Instagram/camillecharriere

Among the several models and brands, I have to admit that I have a real  crush for the Filippa K Beverly Slip on. These flat summer leather sandals have the perfect minimalistic and clean look. They work equally well for a stylish vacation as for warm city days. Forget painful new shoes and impossible long walks…these shoes are just perfect!

Filippa K slip on shoes © PR

Filippa K slip on shoes © PR

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