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the bkr bottle goes pastels this winter © instagram/bkr

Pretty Drinking

Wiederverwendbare Wasserflasche? Pff! Bkr ist ein Mode-Accessoire

Swiss brand SIGG has managed to secure a place at the MOMA with its reusable water bottler made from aluminum. Now they’ve to step up their game, though, as there’s a new bottle in town. The bkr brand is turning the reusable bottle into a coveted fashion accessoire by taking cues from runway trends and presenting their bottles in fresh color palettes every sesaon. Right now they’ve a range of muted pastels that seems to complement the upcoming Balenciage collection perfectly.


The Bkr bottle in a pale pink called Elle © PR

The Bkr bottle in a pale pink called Elle © PR

A bottle? Nope, a coutoure accessory!

Rebranding an everyday article as a fashion accessory is nothing new. It’s the idea that Apple has been drawing from every since Steven Jobs invented his first Apple computer. Former attorneys Tal Winter and Kate Cutler from Los Angeles have applied this idea to the bottle. Within four years they’ve managed to trun their bkr-bottle into something people tag with #want and #need. 

And an even softer shade of pink called bougie © bkr

And an even softer shade of pink called bougie © bkr

 Throw-away plastic bottles? Not pretty.

Their pretty glass bottles that come with a silicone cover and are dishwasher safe so offer a great alternative to the massive amounts of Evian and San Pellegrino plastic bottles we empty and throw away each day. Finding ways of avoiding plastic certainly gives our ovceans a better chance of survival – and that’s not a trend that will only last a season. Whether or not you’ll really need a new bkr in a new seasonal color – that’s your call.

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