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Does reading X-Men help in becoming a superwoman? © Anja Timme

What makes a Super Woman?

Bold style statements? A self-assured allure? I don’t think so!

I’ve always been a fan of super heroes (and I’m not even talking Tobey Maguire in spiderman) but bummed by the lack of female protagonists in the realm. There is of course Wonder Woman (and I did like it when Rachel Bilson dressed up like her in O.C. California) but in the actual D.C Comics come with male cast only. Today I can’t help but wonder if it’s not just the male protagonists that are outdated but also their show-off qualities of power and might. So what does it take to be a Super Woman if not being able to fly or shoot fire beams from your eyes?

Be calm

Working yourself up into a frenzy – much like the Tasmanian Devil or Batmans’ Joker – seems to be the Westerns cultures current state of mind. Everyone is excited. Always. Whether about the threat of terrorism, fashions latest trend or the cutest pet gifs on the web. Keeping calm, and taking a step back from all the excitement may mean not going with the flow and missing out on yet another rush of adrenaline. But it also helps put things in perspective. Sure, Vetements produce great fashion, but is their hefty price tag really worth it when there’s young talent out there that could need your dollars and euros way better? Has daily life really become more dangerous and violent or are we just more aware of it because of the surveillance cameras’ footage?

More than just a pretty font: The Off-White Woman t-shirt © PR

More than just a pretty font: The Off-White Woman t-shirt © PR

Off White Super Woman

Off-Whites’ subtle take on the Ssssssuper Woman © PR

Woman T-Shirt by Off-White © PR

Woman T-Shirt by Off-White © PR

Be mad

When I think about anger and rage Klaus Kinski comes to mind. His fits of rage are well-documented in the footage of Werner Herzogs “Fitzcarraldo” and what striked me most that while they are scary they also reduce him to complete ridiculousness. And while I’m very far from defending Mr. Kinski I think it’s interesting that both notions are frowned upon in our society. It’s neither welcome if you throw a temper tantrum at the office nor do you get standing ovations if you make a fool of yourself (unless you’re a gifted comedian like Amy Schumer). I’m all for losening up, though. Allow yourself to show off a bit more of your temperament. After all being able to handle yourself and encouraging others to cope with more than just pleasantries is what real life is all about.



For Super Women from a superb woman: Stella McCartney keeps calm and stays true to her vegan and feminist beliefs © PR

For Super Women from a superb woman: Stella McCartney keeps calm and stays true to her vegan and feminist beliefs © PR


Be boring

Sounds contradictory to my last musing? It’s not. Nothing about a super hero is boring, he’s all about being extraordinary. And culturally we love the extraordinary whether it’s talent, beauty or even ugliness. I think being boring is great. Don’t break a leg making your life look more exciting than it actually is when posting on instagram or chetting with your fabulous friend who seems to spend her life in constant thrill. Tell it as it is: You’ve not shaved your legs in days, sitting on the sofa watching old sitcoms makes you happier than going out to the latest restaurant opening or concert and yes, you don’t know how the heck to pronounce Jaquemus, no matter how great his fashion is!


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