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Who cares that it's raining when it's cozy inside! ©fairaporter

Make hibernation a stylish game

These 5 items help you get comfy

If you live in Northern Europe there’s one rule to survive the time between November and February: Don’t fight it! Don’t fight with the fact that it’s dark when you wake and dark when you’re not even ready for your 5 o’ clock tea. Don’t fight that it’s cold or wet and often even both, don’t challenge the fact that your morning face screams “Put me back to bed” in a high-pitched voice. Instead: Accept and embrace!

Accept and embrace

It’s actually quite easy if you take cues from mamals that hibernate. I don’t necessarily mean hoarding nuts and berries, but if that’s what makes you happy: Go for it! I’m thinking more aling the lines of creating a space inside that’s so comfortable, warm and welcoming that the unfriendly outside doesn’t bother you at all. Keeping warm is a first. You won’t feel comfortable if you’re feet are cold and you’re nose is running. I suggest you add Beaumont Organics sheepskin mules to you shopping list this moment. They are incredibly warm, remind me ever so slightly of their fashionable Gucci sibling and since the British brand sources and produces ethically you won’t have to worry about wearing animal skin. While you’re at it you might want to add the brands cotton jersey dress, it’s super wearable and the kind of homely chic that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard but also isn’t you in a pair of faded trackpants.

The jersey dress by Beaumont Organic  ©PR

The jersey dress by Beaumont Organic ©PR

The sheepskin mules by Beaumont Organic ©PR

The sheepskin mules by Beaumont Organic ©PR

Here’s a fun fact about keeping warm: If you keep your feet, head and neck or wrists warm, the rest of your body will feel warm as well. Now that’s to going bare midriff in winter. Just put on a nice beanie or a scarf like the one by Scottish brand Johnstons of Elgin or a nice pair of cashmere socks and you might even be able to turn th eheat down a notch and prevent your skin from going all dry and flaky.

The Year of Cozy ©PR

The Year of Cozy ©PR

Cashmere scarf by Johnstons of Elgin © PR

Cashmere scarf by Johnstons of Elgin © PR

Cozy up your den

Don’t fret the long and dark afternoons and nights. Light a candle and start to make your place as homey as you can. If you can’t think past adding woolen or velvety pillow cushions and blankets to your armchairs, sofa and bed you might want to browse the pages of “The Year of Cozy” a book dedicated entirely to make your place as inviting and comfortable as possible. It’s got a mix of recipes, DIY-inspirations and tips on how to turn your inner hoarder into an interior designer.

Light a canlde by Isle of Wolf ©PR

Light a candle by Isle of Wolf ©PR



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