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John Masters Organics © Jennifer Endom

John Masters Organics

The super natural beauty line

John Masters Organics was born form the idea to create a luxury beauty line that wouldn’t harm our planet on the first place. Thanks to people all over the world, biological and artisanal ingredients, the brand was able to take a shape and spread a specific message. We have one body and only one planet – why shouldn’t we treat them with the best care and products? Why should we use synthetic products when the natural ones works better and are safer for the environment? With this belief the brand has developed more than 50 products for hair and body care.  

© Instagram/johnmastersorganicsusa

© Instagram/johnmastersorganicsusa

© Instagram/johnmastersorganicsusa

All products are silicone and parabens free and GMO. They don’t use ingredients with petrol and their treatments are strictly controlled. No animal testing is accepted as well. The sustainability of the brand goes even beyond the products and its ingredients. The packaging is also an important part according to their philosophy. They use, whenever it’s possible – biodegradable materials, as less ink as possible and recycled paper. Renewable energy and local ingredients are also fundamental points for the company.

With this simple philosophy John Masters Organics has become one of the most prestigious beauty brand. Thanks to the constant use of natural, artisanal and organic ingredients it has kept its top position within the industry. 

Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer © PR

Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer © PR

Rose & Apricot Hair Milk © PR

Bare Unscented Body Lotion © PR


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