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The Bohemian dresses that everybody loves!

When it comes to discovering new brands I am always on the forefront. It is a real passion that I have developed over the years. I have a sort of satisfaction in seeing and following the development of a label and its growth. There is one brand that caught my attention sometime ago and, after looking into it more deeply, I though it would make sense to share it with you: RIXO. What makes this brand stand out besides the story behind it, is also it’s friendly price point! So if you are looking for the perfect party dress or wedding guest dress, look no further then RIXO. 

Lindsey Holland in her RIXO skirt ©

WHO… Contemporary womenswear label RIXO was founded in 2015 by London College of Fashion alumni Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky. After working together as Buyers for a big company, they realized that their real passion was in design so they quit and set up the brand. RIXIO is the representation of their friendship and their love for all things vintage. The founders have grown up passionately absorbed by vintage clothing and eccentric oddities. They travel the country (and beyond) and endless flea markets, searching for unique pieces and treasures. They have styled RIXO pieces with their very own vintage collection.

RIXO founders Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky © PR

DOES WHAT… RIXO creates vintage inspired one-off pieces for the modern woman with a chic and effortless style. No piece is mass produced and every print is hand painted by the founders themselves at their London studio. To ensure a certain level of exclusivity and avoid people to wear the same dress, they only produce 50 of any design. In the beginning, they launched their very first 100% silk “Virtues of Rosemary” collection, which included their iconic Camellia dress. Sold out in no time —and brought back in every print collection since — Camellia is just one of the many RIXO pieces to teach us that dressing-up is for daytime, floor-length can be casual, and style always transcends season.

Cindy dress

Margo dress

Coco dress

…WHERE RIXO clothes are made in China in an intimate family run factory. The two designers visit the factory continually and know many of the workers by name.

Georgia skirt

Pandora top

Georgia skirt

AND HOW IS IT ETHICAL… Roughly 70% of the fabrics used each season is made up of 100% silk – like weight 16mm silk. Additionally they use 100% satin back viscose; a high quality material that lends itself well to the embroidery styles and silk velvets within the range. RIXO never use artificial materials such as Polyester.

Harper dress

Laura dress

Iris dress

Text: Margaux Lombard, February 25th 2018

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