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How to Wear Espadrilles

The must have summer shoes

Espadrilles are iconic classics, that can twist any summer outfit. They are light summer flats, which are generally made of some natural materials and have specific flexible soles, made of rope or rubber as a rule. I love espadrilles. I have to admit that spending my summer holidays since I am 5 in the Basque Country has played an important role. In fact, espadrilles are originally from that region – and as you can imagine they come in every sort of sauce, from the flat to the wedge to the classic to embroidered and so on. Also, everybody wears them. And when I say “everybody” I mean it literally – from the 4 years old little girl, to the teenager and the old grandpa. If you are looking for the shoes which are both comfy and fashion statement then I recommend to try on espadrilles this year.

Perfect summer shoes for every outfit! © Instagram/espadrij

In order to create some successful outfits with espadrilles, you need to know some basic things about them. For instance, you need to know that they are worn exclusively barefoot and no other way (no socks please!). Espadrilles are the perfect match for every outfit during summer. You can wear them with any type and shape of denim pieces, such as skinny jeans, shorts, shirts, skirts, or jumpsuits. The shapes don’t really matter here, straight options or cuffed varieties they all will look great. Matching tops with natural fabrics or tones is also a good idea. 


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Espadrilles are also a good fit for dresses. Shirtdresses, straight options, and A-lines are a must in this respect. Leather dresses are also a very cool thing you could try. The nice counterbalance of the vibes used here are really worth going for!

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For the beach espadrilles are also a good alternative. Forget flip flops or sandals. This season you can go to the beach in style with a summer dress over you bikini matching with your espadrilles!

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