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Writing picture postcards aleady? You will when you chill with Susanne Kaufmanns' Foot Balm © PR

How to keep (your) cool

3 heat-defying tips that’ll make you enjoy summer to the fullest

It’s hot. The kind of hot that makes you dread to not live in the United States where the airconditioning will chill you to the temperature of a refrigerated cucumber in no time. But, alas, in beautiful Europe not all work spaces let alone homes sport an aircon. Luckily with a few simple tricks you’ll be set for the heatwave and even be able to ride it all the way.

1. Drink up!

The number one reason you feel like your brains are going to explode in the heat is dehydration. So keep drinking. Not iced lattes, though but plain simple water, ideally lukewarm with a dash of lemon. That’s what your body takes in most easily and uses without having to waste any energy. (Save the icecubes to rub them on your wrists and ankles. Lowering the temperature there, will help your body fight overheating as well). I am in mad love with my new Bkr bottle that I take along everywhere. As promised by the freinds who founded it, Bkr looks more like a fashion accessory than a simple bottle so hydration turns from a necessity into somthing you like to sport in the meeting room.

This bkr bottle is called "Boss" © PR

This bkr bottle is called “Boss” © PR

2. Tend to your feet!

When it’s hot my feet suffer. No matter how airy and light a sandal or pool slide I pick, they still get hot and make me feel uncomfortable. If you are like me and don’t have the time to swim a few laps in the pool (best remedy ever) I suggest you use Susanne Kaufmanns cooling foot balm. It’s easily absorbed by the skin and thanks to lavender and menthol your feet will feel relaxed and cooler right away.

Susanne Kaufmanns Cooling Foot Balm © PR

Susanne Kaufmanns Cooling Foot Balm © PR


3. Stay in the shade!

This is not a matter of whether you leather (sunlotion) or not. It’s just so much warmer in the sun and you’re that much more likely to overheat when exposed to it. So do keep in the shadow ( where you will tan much more evenly anyways) and if you need to be out, at leat keep your head properly shaded with something like Stella McCartneys chic faux leather visor or a Mira Mikati straw hat.

Mira mikatis straw hat © PR

Mira mikatis straw hat © PR

A faux leather sun visor by Stella McCartney © PR

A faux leather sun visor by Stella McCartney © PR

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