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How to – be the zen version of yourself

Easy ideas for a five minutes meditation

Like every human being I have my ups and down. There are some days or periods where I realize the amount of work flow I have to deal with and the only thing I want to do is leave everything behind me and run away. I guess I am not the only one and if you are reading this article it means you have found yourself in this situation or maybe you just want to find your zen side. Going away for a week to a paradisiac island is not always feasible. Organizing a SPA or tee time can become a proper nightmare and the opposite of pleasant.

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An easy way to decompress from your daily stress can be found with meditation. And I am not talking about a 45 minutes meditation – because if there’s one thing stressed people don’t have, it’s time. In fact, I am talking about a 5 minutes meditation that you can do anywhere and at any time while you’re doing other things! Like walking, or even taking a shower. If you are nervous and stressed because of a big event you are attending, for example, you can try a quick 10 minutes meditation while you are getting ready. Have a wine or do a chamomile mint tea to reset and replenish. Once you find your own rhythm and balance you can try multiple reps a day…twice, three times a day or as much as you want and make you feel better. Before going to bed after a long day you can try to meditate lying down. It will relax you and make you fall asleep quicker than you would expect. Personally I am a big fan of meditating on my way to work. Either if I go by foot or by tube I put my headphones on with some relaxing music and that allows me to empty my mind for a few minutes. I feel like I didn’t waste my time and I am full of energy for the day! 

Text: Margaux Lombard

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