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Gift Guide: Scandinavian Living

The art of staying inside and enjoying it

Today’s gift guide is much influenced by the Scandinavian way of living. But first, let’s talk about Cocooning. Faith Popcorn – futurist and consultant – coined the term already back in 1981. She described the trend as the act of staying inside with a desire for retreating to the privacy of one’s home. Sounds a bit bumpy, but what it means is a simple longing we all feel when the days get darker: to snuggle up on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Surrounded by loungy wooden furnitures, cozy blankets and candles with the scent of rosewood. Sounds familiar? I thought as much!

In Scandinavia, where darkness is just a way of life, the Cocooning trend is cultivated in the most elegant and chic way. Hence, the Scandinavian minimalism was and still is here to stay and so is Cocooning. For our gift guide we collected all the things that make a day at home the most precious gift.

Gift Guide Scandinavian Living

Gift Guide ScandiGift Guide ScandiGift Guide Scandi


Scandinavian Homes – This Design and interior book is a collector’s guide to Scandinavian design and will make fans of the northern aesthetics very happy. It showcases the elegant use of natural materials, clean line and organic forms and their interpretation in some of the most amazing houses across the world.

Closed Alpaca Sweater – Get cosy with this alpaca-blend knit from Closed. The almond hue and chunky style gives your look this effortles Scandinavian chic and makes this sweater a staple in everones wardrobe.

Lov Organic Tea – Cocooning in a Scandinavian home without a cup of tea – unthinkable. The Lov Organic teas are not only beautiful from the inside with their all natural ingredients and herbs, the packaging is just as lovely as the taste.


Gift Guide ScandiGift Guide ScandiGift Guide Scandi 

Neom Organics Candle – A smell of rosewood and lavendar airs the room when lighting this hand-pured candle. The “Real Luxury” limited edition is a collaboration of Neom Organics with designer Jenny Packham. So, give away the gift of wellbeing and warm a close friend’s heart and home.

Acne Plaid – In a true Scandinavian gift guide this well known brand cannot be left out. Acne Studios’ fringed wrap is made out of soft and sumptuous wool. It can be used as a scarf, poncho or cozy blanket.

Susanne Kaufmann Bath – The witch-hazel bath from Susanne Kaufmann is the ultimate treat for dry winter skin or cold feet. Made from organic ingredients, this bath oil has an instantly calming and relaxing effect. On top of that, the stylish design of the bottle turns every bathroom into a beautiful spa.

Happy gift giving!







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