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Learning from Gisele - the queen of beach waves ;) ©Instagram/gisele

How to – get the perfect beach waves

Learning from Gisele Bündchen

We all know that: we are never happy with what we have. Especially when it comes to hair – too straight, too curly and so on. One of my biggest hair goal, I have to admit it, is Gisele Bündchen. Especially during summer! Just her “bronde” color itself make me want to have her hair. But even more, her natural beach waves make me completely fall for her!

© Instagram/gisele

A few months ago I had a wedding and went to my hair dresses with Giselle in my mind and told him that’s what I wanted. I was quite skeptical – you have to know I have quite long hair but extremely thin and straight. I am one of those person that whatever I do with my hair, it will last only for 10 minutes. While talking to the hairdresser, he explained me that everybody who has mid length / long hair can opt for the beach waves. There are different ways and techniques to get them, however a good prep is fundamental for all of them. What I prefer is to use a waves spray and braid my hair. It is going to sound complicated but it’s not! All you have to do is put some spray on your hair ( I will show you my favorite products below) and do a tight braid starting from the top of your head or smaller braids if you want smaller waves. The more waves you want to more braids you need – so it all depends from the final effect you want. Let your hair sink in the braid for 10 to 15 minutes and then open the braid with your fingers. Here you have your Gisele beach waves!


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Text: Margaux Lombard, August 21st 2017

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