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No need to run to the laundromat ladies! © instagram/VogueItalia

Forget doing laundry! Your easy guide to the art of air washing

Why waste water, energy and precious time when washing can be so simple?

Thanks to Danish blogger Christina Neubert I just discovered a great method for getting fresh and clean clothes with just about zero effort: Air Washing. The concept is pretty simply and is an alternative to washing our clothes way more often than we actually need to. I was sold already given that I dislike pilling in wool sweaters, washed out white teeshirts that look dull after too many wash cycles and fryed and thinning fabrics of cotton shirts and denims.  Air Washing also is a sustainable alternative as it doesn’t consume as much water as the washing machine does and makes clothes last longer in general.

Airwashing is easy and effective

Here’s how it works: Air Washing uses the actual outside air for a purification process. It refreshes your clothes while also killing the bacteria. This works especially well in, well, cold weather like the one we’re still facing in pre-spring Berlin, Northern Europe. Here is how to do it: Instead of washing your clothes every time you wear them, take a look at them and if there aren’t any stains – looking at your Bolognese sauce –  then put them on a hanger either on the balcony, or prop them up on the window frame with the window open.  The fresh air will clean out any smell, wether it’s kitchen smells, even cigarette smoke from a long night out. All you have to do is let your clothes “simmer” in the clean air for one or two hours and you have your clean clothes back. Air Washing works well on heavy knits, denim and natural fabrics like cotton and silk. Socks, underwear and gym clothes fare better when washed conventionally.

Air Washing ©

Air Washing ©

Let your favorite clothes live longer with an Air Wash

In addition to increasing the longevity of your clothes, there are also a few more good reasons that you should keep in mind. Global water resources are decreasing and many countries are facing droughts, year after year. Water resources will become rare and we will need to pay attention on how we use it. Personal consumption will become a priority over cleaning our clothes. Washing machines use billions of liters of fresh water, millions of chemical detergents which negatively affect our environment and consumer a huge amount of energy.   

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