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RMS Beauty "un" cover-up © Fair-a-porter

How to – find the right concealer

RMS Beauty “un” Cover-up will do the trick!

One of the main reason why I love summer – beside going on holidays and waking up everyday with a sunny sky – is my tan. Let’s not deny it, we all know it: everybody looks better with that golden skin on! Another reason why I love summer is because, thanks to my golden tan, I don’t use make up. I have never been a big make up fun, I am quite minimalistic when it comes to all these beauty products. Nonetheless, my beautiful summer tan is starting to disappear and it’s time to go back to real life, which means meetings and travels. There is one make up product that I always use and like to keep in my bag for any last minute touch, my beloved concealer. I have been using the same label for a really long time and a few months ago I run out of it. I was abroad with a limited selection of shops and impossible to get the same one. I decided it was time to change and took the opportunity to try a new one. Lucky me, I found a little store that stocked RMS beauty products. What I love about this american label is that it’s all natural. There are no fillers, water, silicones or hard-to-pronounce chemicals you’ve never heard of. RMS beauty is all about a synergistic interchange between components and it uses ingredients in their full spectrum, bio available and nutrient complex. Rms beauty has sourced not only the safest ingredients but also guarantees the highest quality available only to be used in their products. They avoid RBD (refined, bleached, deodorized) products totally.

Actress Emma Watson is a fan of RMS “un” cover-up © Instagram/rmsbeauty

I am in love with RMS “un” Cover-up because it avoids the look of wearing makeup (probably this is the reason behind the name). I’ve found myself using the product as my go-to foundation and concealer and I love how it makes my skin look. If you are wondering why you should try and how to use it here my little secrets. First of all, it works as a concealer and as foundation as well. Also, you should think of it as a moisturizer that needs to be blended to fuse into your skin. Forget these quick pressing or patting.  You can use all over your face as a light foundation. It isn’t going to erase all imperfections but it’s going to give you a more even, healthy skin look, with a very natural effect. I like to use it under my eyes and to cover some little imperfections. The best thing is that it doesn’t feel like foundation due to its texture, balmy (but not greasy) that melts right in, evening out your tone. Fingers are actually best for applying the “Un” Cover-Up, as the skin-to-skin contact helps melt it in for the most natural finish. However, you can also use a brush if you prefer. 

My advice? Definitely the best make up investment I have done this year that has changed my morning routine! Something that every woman should try. 

Text: Margaux Lombard, September 8th 2017

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