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Fashion for Transition

How to wear your favourite summer dress through fall

Welcome back Berlin summer. The city is about to crack 30 degrees again next week. A few more days in flowing fabrics and shorts guaranteed before you put them in storage. But who says you cannot wear your favourite summer dresses through fall and beyond? With a few basics and creativity you can easily turn a slip dress into a stylish fall frock.


The simplest transition is probably made by extending your sleeve length. Wear a tee, a shirt or a turtleneck underneath the dress, done! Just try to go for a contrasting colour to make it more interesting. Or wear a chunky knit sweater on top. Thus, your dress will temporarily turn into a skirt, spanning the seasons easily. Other looks requiere a bit more layering technique with denims underneath or a belted blazer on top. There is a puffy jacket in your wardrobe waiting to be taken out? Balance it out with a delicate dress and wear it now. You are free to go wild and have fun. Grab some inspiration from the styles above and slip in your dress.

In case you are in transition mode now and do not own a slip dress yet, visit our shop and you’ll find everything you need for a perfect transitional outfit.



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