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Dress like you’re in Wimbledon

3 great summer whites – even if you’re not attending the finale in London

If you’ve been following Fair-a-porter for a while you  know that I quite like tennis and try to suck less at it every week. Imagine how excited I was when I learend I was headed for London – to shoot a fashion editorial with lovley Liene Podina – while Wimbeldon was in full swing. Sadly my schedule didn’t allow for any excursions to the immaculate green that is Wimbledon. I did get to watch bit parts on the big screen at Spring Studios, but I guess physically being there remains part of my phantasy for my retirement years ( mental note: start saving now). This weekend sees the finale and I’ve decided to dress the part: All white, just like the players have to. 


Great white cotton dress by Mara Hoffmann © PR

A visor by Sensi Studio

White sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals © PR

Dress all white – it’s not just for the top seed

There’s something about dressing all white that feels fancy: It’s a definite statement about either not having to get your hands dirty – “Charles, you can serve the tea and biscuits now.” – or being unfazed by it. Whatever your plans are for this weekend, do try it.

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