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Hi there sparkles – model ready for spring at Dior backstage @ instagram/gregbackstage

Dress up your eyes for spring with Ilia

My moms’ eyeshadow ritual will take you right into spring

I’m not much of a winter person. Now that spring is near my mood is getting better and my skin is slowly starting to enjoy the longer days, bouts of blue sky and warmer sun. I feel like it’s time to dress up my face accordingly and bring back happiness with a bit of glow and gleam. I am a spring and summer kind of woman and my skin is the same – I love the natural color of fresh skin, when the first sun is out.

Find your true colors

Prima eyeshadow palette © PR

Prima eyeshadow palette © PR

With make-up I usually like it light and simple. Either I focus on the lips or on the eyes but I never do both. Eyeshadow is especially challenging: It’s not only about finding the right colors to match my skin tone but also to put it on without looking like a clumsy panda bear. So when I held the Ilia Essential Shadow Palette in my hands I felt like I was heading for another moment of truth.  I have always had a sort of fascination for eyeshadow (don’t ask me why). I have several colors and palettes at home but there is always something that I don’t like about them – too glittery, too big, they give me allergies and so on. About Ilia Beauty I had only heard the best, after all the L.A. based brand uses only the purest ingredients ( and I suggest you look into out brand portrait here).

The Ilia neutrals complement both light and darker skins

The palette comes in two colors – a neutral and a more metallic one. I opted for the neutral one as I think it reflects more my skin and eye color and I am quite impressed by it. The shade of colors perfectly sculpt and emphasize my eyes but in a natural almost invisible way. All ingredients are plant-based and 100% talc-free and feel as good as they look. But now comes the next step – not only applying the colors to the back of my hands  (since my skin is sensitive I like to test-drive any product before putting it on my face) but to my eyes.  As I said I’m not much of a make-up artist so I started to look around for an easy tutorial that would actually allow me to make the most of my new colors. As you know the internet is full of crazy tutorials and I didn’t really have the patience to sit through them. Instead I remembered my moms’ carefree procedure that I watched her do as a little girl for countless times.

© PR

All colors by Ilia make for a nice and subtle sheen © PR

Beautiful Julia Nobis (middle) with a natural cat eye at Michael Kors druning fashion month © instagram/michaelkors

Beautiful Julia Nobis (middle) with a natural cat eye at Michael Kors during fashion month © instagram/michaelkors

© Insagram/Iliabeauty

A take on the smokey eye by Ilia © Instagram/Iliabeauty

My moms’ eyeshadow technique still rocks!

This is an easy, three-step procedure that will give you just a hint of a smokey eye. And trust me: If I can do it, so can you!

Step 1 Using a soft brush start to dab the second darkest shade of the Ilia palette on the edges of your upper eyelids. Fade it beyond the outer corner of the eye to create a soft cat-eye shape.

Step 2 Tap your middle finger in the sparklier shade of the palette and bring it from the center of your eye outward, thus making it appear rounder and more doe-eyed.

Step 3 You can use the darker shade to contour the crease or as an eyeliner (you might have to use a slightly wet brush here). When it come to the lighter shade, you can use it for the inner most corners of the eyes to brighten them up and give an even more wide-eyed effect.

The brand new spring color palette by Ilia © Instagram/Iliabeauty

The brand new spring color palette by Ilia © Instagram/Iliabeauty

The key to achieving a nice look is to never overdo it with the colors. If in your first go you feel like you haven’t achieved a strong enough look then gradually build it from there. Keep in mind that if you start with a bold look and want to correct it you’ll have to wipe off the whole thing. Little make-up trend advise: Leave your lashes sans mascara – the natural and naked eye is quite a trend these days on the catwalks.

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