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Close the loop

H&M presents new Close The Loop collection

In 2013 H&M started a clothing collecting initiative where customers were able to bring their unwanted clothing by any brand to a near H&M store. The retailer teamed up with I:Collect, a reycycling company, that provides the infrastructure and reprocesses the garments for new use. For H&M this was another step within their sustainability programm and by the end of 2015 H&M already colelcted 14.000 tons of clothing.

Now we’ve come full circle again with this years Close The Loop collection. It features denim looks such as jackets, shirts and jeans made out of recycled cotton and – for the first time out of recycled wool as well. Currently the fabric of the new garments contain 30% of the recycled fibres but the company is working heavily to go much more near 100% soon.

The collection will be available online starting September 29th. Here are a few impressions

Images: H&M

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