Cardigan? People Tree just invented the Blanket-igan! - Fair-a-Porter


Doesn't look like a blanket but feels like one – a cardigan by People Tree © PR

Cardigan? People Tree just invented the Blanket-igan!

If you didn’t like this weeks’ snow, you’ll hat this weekends slush. But the Blanket-igan will make you happy.

This People Tree cardigan will make you forget you’ve already piled on all the layers your closet offers and are still cold. Because it’s the softest, snuggliest piece of kniwear possibly imaginable. It’s shape isn’t super defined but it also doesn’t look like you’re wearing a bag. Or a blanket. Only, it feels like one. It feels like the kind that Linus of the Peanuts will fight for with his life to not let go of. So if this weekend Egon – the meteorological low that’s sweeping Germany and parts of Europe – is bugging the hell of you with its bouts of snow slush, then get your hands on this wearable piece of joy and hide in it until the mess is over!

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