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Great lip butter and stackable too!

Beauty of the Day: Korres Lip Butter

The Greek brand that uses only natural ingredients

Beauty is a quite delicate topic. I love beauty products and skincare products as well but I have always been skeptical on the kind of ingredients they use or the quality. Also, since I was a child, I have had a delicate skin and as soon as I use a product with perfume or something else that my skin doesn’t like, it will show immediately!One of the best brand I have been using lately is Korres – and it has become one of my favorite! 

George and Lena Korres © Korres

Korres is a greek company founded in 1996. Homeopathy was the starting point; inspired by its ‘mild yet effective approach’ yet focusing solely on nature as the ultimate provider The advantages of natural ingredients lie not only on their efficacy but also on the unique, irreplaceable synergy between their components. Each herb constitutes of a number of components, some of which have well-known properties, while others seem inactive. They only use natural ingredients and work with environmentally friendly extraction units. 

My favorite product that I always need to have in my bag is the Korres lip butter, the wild rose in particular. This incredibly moisturizing leaves a subtle shiny tint on your lips while intensely hydrating and protecting, leaving you with soft, kissable lips! The shea butter and rice wax provides your lips with deep, long-lasting moisture and protection from the elements, leaving you with perfectly soft and conditioned lips, with a hint of colour.

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