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The Drew LG in coffee by Mat & Natt © PR

Baggin’ it

What is it with women and bags? I know you’ll go wild over the new Mat & Natt Styles


Sometimes I wonder why women, including myself, have such a tendency to schlepp around half their household in their handbag of choice. Ever since my teen years I’ve felt the urge to cram things into it that I don’t need – like a woolen sweater when it’s 30 degrees celsius outside (it could get cold you know), my favorite magazines when I don’t have time to read, half a medical cabinet in case I feel nauscious, have something stuck between my teeth, hurt myself etc. pp – you get the idea. I would always come home with one shoulder hurting, sometimes even bruised (on those days when I decided I needed an extra pair of shoes in case .. well, just in case). Lately I’ve perscribed myself mini-bags that don’t fit more than my wallet, a tissue, lipstick and a lucky charm. It definitely works for my shoulders and amazingly I never seem to lack anything. Still, I do get nervous when I see the bauties Canadian brand Mat & Natt has dreamt up for fall:

The shopper

I love this shopper for its timeless shape and style. And also the fact that on “carry little” days you could just use the wallet as a tiny clutch. Find it here!


The clutch

Again, such a beautiful minimal style and I like the blue hue that’s a keeper throughout the seasons. Ready to take it to the opera? Then find it here!


The curry

Brown hues are having quite a fashion moment right now. They’ve shed themselves of their 70ies cheesyness and look quite elegant and modern if you ask me. Take a chance on this pretty thing right here!


The bucket bag

There’s something about this slouchy shape that I just love. Maybe it’s the fact that you can throw anything inside and find it since the bags’ bottom is nice and roomy? If you can fight the tempation to stuff it to its brim this is your bag and you can get it right here!


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