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Jeanne Damas knows how to choose her straw bag ;) © Instagram/jeannedamas

Bag of the day – the straw bag

The only bag that signals nothing but summer

As summer is kicking off, there is no better occasion for a “summer-appropriate accessory”. Forget your black leather cross-body or your favorite shopping bag that won’t add anything exciting or new to your summer wardrobe. Lucky us, this summer the basket bag is trending like never before! I am not saying that classic styles and colors are a bad idea, but once the weather starts to have some fun, so can we. The general approval from fashionistas and bloggers has been clear during fashion month: the basket bag is a spring/summer must. From the Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana shows to the totes embroidered with sassy quotes to Prada’s new wicker handbag, it looks like this summer Instagram feed will be flooded with basket-weave bags, yet again. But this time the classic straw bag comes also in different variations, from embroidered to mini, round and maxi. Let’s say there is a lot of choice for every expanding basket bag collection. Whether for a brunch date, for lounging by the poolside, or for a trip to the French market, a sun-bleached straw shopper or a wicker hand-held basket is a failsafe style option for all occasions. If you are wondering how to match this new bag to your daily outfit, here our top three inspiration to prove you that the straw bag is a perfect fit for every situation!

Acne Studios © PR

Nannacay © PR

Closed © PR

As the temperatures are getting higher, the less clothes you were the better it is – we all know how hard it is to wear trousers with 35 degrees outside. This is why I love to match my straw bag with a cotton shirt dress and a pair of sandals. The Nannacay’s ‘Maldives’ bag is handmade by skilled artisans using locally sourced raffia. This basket-style tote has a structured silhouette and is perfect for your everyday life!

Vita Kin © PR

Muun © PR

Lika Mimika © PR

The Muun structured ‘Cabana’ tote is fitted with a playful red and white striped pouch that can be tied into a bow to keep your valuables secure. The bag is perfect with a long dress and a pair of espadrilles when strolling through markets at the weekend – either in the city or along the coast!

Edun © PR

Kings of Indigo © PR

Sensi Studio © PR

This is the perfect outfit for al the straw bag loves stuck in the city – alias me! For my daily groceries or life I like to have a comfortable denim and definitely cannot leave the house with this colorful Sensi Studio, big enough to carry documents or groceries!

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