The Acne Studios Triple Leather Sneakers - Fair-a-Porter


Velcro fastening can look good – these Acne sneakers are living proof © LN-CC

The Acne Studios Triple Leather Sneakers

My dear little Snow White

I don’t know if you’ve seen this pair of Acne Studios sneakers already but the Triple Leather sneakers are the reason I’m looking forward to spring despite enjoying the current snow quite a bit. They put a nice spin on velcro fastening without looking so babyish like you don’t know how to lace shoes.

Snow White sure looks awesome, doesn’t she? © PR

Plus they’re the come-to-live fantasy of the immaculate white sneaker, the kind that goes screaming to be accompanied by some well-worn blue jeans and a grey sweatshirt. Before I drift off to fantasize about the perfect outfit I’m aso going to point ut that these sneakers come in black suede, beige suede and pink suede as well. Which one will you pick?



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