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How to be a more sustainable traveller

Five easy ways to be a responsible traveller while discovering the planet

It’s never a bad time to travel, especially if it’s sustainable travel. This hot topic is definitely one of the most talked-about ways of seeing the world lately. We travel more often than ever so when we do it why not spend time on activities that offset the environmental impact of our stay? However, it’s more than a simple trend and we should definitely transform it in a way of life. There’s never been a better time for an eco-friendly holiday. Here some easy tips you can adopt during your next eco-trip, while still caring for the planet.

1. Live like a local

This behaviour will have a major impact on the people who live in your holiday destination. Living like a local will allow the economy to flow and ensure that your holiday remains authentic. Support local business, hotels, restaurants and tour guide. Eat local food and shop local brands, hire bikes or use public transportation. This is the best way to meet local people and get to know the place. 

2. Protect your skin without polluting the ocean

There are also smaller details of our travels that could have a large impact, such as the products we are bringing with us. It is also important to consider those one. We are all well aware of the importance of protecting our skin from the sun. However, how careful are we in choosing products that do not pollute the planet? What if our trusted water-resistant sunscreen is killing coral along the way? Skincare brands are becoming more sensitive on the topic and how harmful chemicals can destroy fragile marine environments. When buying your next sunscreen opt for the following brands.


Green People

Susanne Kaufmann

3. Eco friendly accommodation

When booking an eco-friendly holiday the first step is looking into an eco-accommodation. By choosing a sustainable hotel or rental house that gives it back to the planet, you will help reduce your carbon footprint. Finding such an accommodation can be a real struggle – however, the german website Good Travel has an impressive listing of sustainable accommodation throughout Europe. 

4. Be conscious

Being environmentally conscious also means being aware of your surroundings. Don’t waste water if you are in a sensitive area; try to bring less packaging as possible with you (in case there are no recycling facilities). Bring your reusable bottle from home so you won’t constantly buy plastic bottles and will stay hydrate for sure. 

BKR bottles

5. Fly responsibly

It’s difficult to visit distant destinations without taking a flight, but there are several options to make your trip more eco-friendly. Book direct flights instead of stop overs and try to fly less. Or, why not even consider exploring new places near your home – for example by train? That would bring your next travel to a complete new level – with a not so popular (anymore) train ride. 

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Text: Margaux Lombard, August 26th 2019

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