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Jenah St. laptop bag © fairaporter

Introducing Berlin based brand Jenah St.

The perfect vegan leather laptop bag

As my summer break is coming to an end I realised it was time for me to invest in a good bag for everyday use. A bag where I can put my laptop and folders in when I go to meetings in the morning as well as when I travel. Thinking about it, nowadays a classic tote is an essential in our wardrobes. You can fit inside all the indispensables for a day. After some research I came across Jenah St., a Berlin based brand that uses only vegan leather. They have interesting models if you are looking for big bags – I decided to try the laptop bag as it seemed the most suitable one to my needs at the moment.

Something practical but elegant and timeless at the same time. This is my first laptop bag I have ever owned and I have to say it’s extremely convenient. It perfectly fits my laptop and some paper folders I always carry with me. The side pockets are good for small objects such as phone and wallet, so you don’t need to look for them inside the bag. The strap has a good length – which means I can wear it also with big jumpers and winter coats (there’s nothing worse than those bags with short straps that you can’t fit under your arm!) and also a good width. 

Besides the model that I really liked, I also got attracted by the story behind Jenah St. The brand produces the bags in Italy and is 100% free of animal skin and components. Vegan leather has half the impact on the environment as animal derived leather – half of the greenhouse gasses emission and almost six times less water. The Italian vegan Nappa that they use is also ultra performant making it more durable , scratch resistant, water resistant and light weighted for more confort. As a sustainable brand Jenah St. offers a recycle program, which allows the customers to send back the bag that they have used at least for one year, in exchange for a coupon. This allows customers to try new designs and the brand to ensure that the bag enters a second consumption cycle or that the material is reused. What I also really liked was the little keychain handmade by women in Pakistan that they offer to every placed order. Jenah St. supports a Pakistan organisation which offers women the opportunity to learn a craft in order to gain more financial independence. A small gesture that we can only appreciate today. 

You can visit Jenah St. website here 

Text: Margaux Lombard, August 19th 2019

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