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Armedangels Fjella denim © Fair-a-porter

Armedangels launches #DetoxDenim

The environmentally and skin friendly collection

With the start of the new year, German label ARMEDANGELS has decided to set example for the denim production with the new #DetoxDenim collection. Denims have become an unquestioned staple piece. Most likely we all own a few of them, all with different cuts and washes. However, what we often forget to consider, is their provenance and the consequences for our environment and our bodies. Jeans impact our health like no other piece of clothing. Especially through the pesticides, heavy metals, and bleaching agents involved. These are suspected of triggering allergies, cancer, or infertility. Conventional denim production uses up to two kilos of chemicals per production of just one pair of jeans and consumes as much as 8,000 liters of water. ARMEDANGELS has marked itself in the fashion industry as synonym of good design and clear conscience. The #DetoxDenim collection is made from certified organic cotton and completely free from harmful pesticides, chlorine or heavy metals. They do not use pesticides during the cotton extraction process and all colorings are made using an artificial indigo on almost all fabrics. They also use laser and ozone washing technologies in the bleaching process, avoiding harmful chemicals. 

Armedangels Fjella denim © Fair-a-porter

Armedangels box © Fair-a-porter


The #DetoxDenim collection is not only environmentally friendly, but also skin friendly – 100% good for our environment and 100% good for your skin!

The collection is available here

Text: Margaux Lombard, February 4th 2019

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