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How to – get your best party skin

Four easy steps for the best party skin ever

Finding the right balance between makeup and skincare can be a struggle in December. Just think about all the parties, the dinners and drinks you are going to have. Plus let’s not forget the cold weather, which is always harsh on our skin. Fortunately, when it comes to bridging the gap between luminous skin and strategic touches of glamour, there isn’t a more fruitful advice than beauty pros facialist Georgia Louise and makeup artist Gucci Westman. In the spirit of party season, Louise and Westman give some tips for a definitive guide to gorgeous, glowing, blindingly good skin and how to enhance it with a well-calculated touch of the right makeup.

1. The importance of prepping your skin

Prep work is the most important when preparing fro big events. If you want your skin to look and feel flawless, you’ve got to exfoliate gradually at least a week before so you don’t have dryness or flaking. Avoid abrasive scrubs and use a gentle enzyme cleanser such as Tata Harper’s regenerating cleanser, which refreshes the complexion while preserving the skin’s natural hydration. Gentle enough for daily use, the 100% natural formula is bursting with eleven active ingredients, including skin-strengthening Pomegranate and deep cleansing Apricot Seed Powder, White Willow Bark to tone and exfoliate and Grapefruit to refresh.

Tata Harper

2. Massage 

The most beneficial DIY alternative to professional facial treatments is a nightly facial massage. Whether using your fingertips or some face roller, massaging along the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline will sculpt, depuff, and stimulate the growth of collagen with both instantaneous and longterm effects. No matter what age you are, always spend at least five minutes a day massaging your face. It’s the key for longevity in our skin cells.

3. Hydrate

The days before a big event should focus on drenching it in hydrating, antioxidant-packed, anti-inflammatory ingredients. Sheet masks are always a good idea

This Works

4. Radiate form the inside out: foundation, blush and lips

The goal is to look great with minimal effort, which means avoid heavy make up. The secret is to use nearly imperceptible foundation, which glides on smooth and protects the skin from environmental damage. From there, apply it to the center of the face outwards, only as needed. It looks less cosmetic, and more sumptuous. You can target certain areas of the face with a light contour with a shade or two darker of foundation. When it comes to blush, using your fingertips is always a great trick. At the end of applying all your face makeup, you should always diffuse it with a blending brush. Finding the right highlighter is key – but you must use it strategically. Apply it along the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brows bones, and Cupid’s bow. It’s all about the skin looking almost liquid-y. Instead of a traditional lipstick, you can mix different pigments. After lining and adding a little plumpness with a neutral lip liner, press a single pop of rich color into the center of lips, then presses them together to blend. It brightens up the face, adds a nice contrast to the skin, and awakens the highlight. 


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