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Try this – wear the same party dress twice

How to not buy new clothes for the next christmas party

December is the month of parties – from office to friends party, being always on point is a must. However, always going to buy a new outfit can become a real struggle. Not only economically, but also time wise. Let’s be realistic, do you really have time to go finding a new dress every week? Well, I personally don’t. Also, let’s not forget how useless is to buy a dress that you will only wear once. Here my shopping tip: once you find the perfect party dress, invest and never look back. Opt for a classic style. A great dress can take you from cocktail to black-tie soirée and intimate dinner date to a dance party with your friends. Even if the cut doesn’t appear super versatile at first glance, you can play with the right accessories.  As you get ready for your next party, take out from your wardrobe that classic black dress you bought a long time ago. Elegant and classy, you can never go wrong with it. Playing with the right accessories will allow you the wear it in different situations, without buying new clothes every time!

If you are looking for a more glamorous outfit, take advantage of a statement-making necklace that glitters from all angles. Keep your earrings slightly oversized but skip gems to let the necklace shine. Add a pair of timeless pumps, a clutch, and a classic coat that will keep you warm throughout the night. 


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For a more edgy version, play with rock-and-roll accessories, relying on the elegance of the dress for all the formality you need. Ankle boots and shiny earrings will make the difference. However, be careful to not over do it otherwise you will look like a christmas tree. Add a jacket or a clutch to finish the outfit.


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Text: Margaux Lombard

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