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Traveling – How to prepare for your next christmas holiday

Learn how to meditate while traveling

Christmas holiday is often a synonym of traveling. Whether you will go to visit your family in your hometown or you decided to go to the other hemisphere, we can all agree that traveling can be a bit challenging. Personally I have no problems with flying or driving long distances, however it is true that a good preparation is essential. I recently took a 16h flight to go to Asia and decided that this time I would do it differently than usual. I randomly came across an article by Light Watkins, a Los Angeles–based meditation coach. Watkins says that if you can find a place to sit on a commuter train, in an Uber, or on an airplane, you can by all means meditate as effectively as you could at home in front of an altar. There are a few actions that can easily be taken to meditate in transit while we are approaching the end of the year.

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1. Breathe

Whether you are, sit down when possible and take 10 deep breaths over a period of two to three minutes; it will create a noticeable shift in your state of consciousness. Especially when you are surrounded by caos and crowd, controlling and regulating the breath can induce a meditative state.

2. Preparation is key

Preparation is the best way to fight anxiety. According to Watkins it is important to show up at the airport or train station early and give yourself a good 10 or 15 minutes of sitting quietly and taking deep breaths. It’s a way of resetting and gearing yourself up mentally and physically for the trip ahead, making you less tense. 

3. Work with your surroundings

When we are under stress and surrounded by caos, we tend to focus on the negative side, focusing on the ground or our smartphones. It is important to remain aware of our environment and our bodies. It will bring you into a more present moment awareness. The peace of mind and meditation will seem like a breeze in no time and a lot of difficult things will  become easier.

4. Bring accessories

Accessories are a good addition to put mind and body at ease. Aromatherapy, calming essential oils, silence headphones and sleeping mask will help you to relax and meditate. However, as Watkins says, as useful as they can be, we shouldn’t rely on them. They should just help us to get into a meditative space at the beginning.

5. Practice

Daily meditation is an important exercise that will help you to reach your goals faster. If you fit meditation into your busy day, you’ll find you’re able to do things while being calmer and more accurate. Watkins believes that minutes meditation, as opposed to hours, is a much more realistic goal in today’s society. Dedication and consistency are key to reaping the benefits of meditation long-term.


Text: Margaux Lombard, December 10th 2018

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