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Try this – the metallic manicure

Get your nails right this fall

After what feels like the longest (and hottest) summer ever, autumn is finally upon us. The air has a subtle crisp chill, the leaves are beginning to tinge at the edges and the kids are officially back at school. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, big, cosy knitwear, and improved beauty products to suit the change of weather. The one we’re most excited about? All the amazing new nail trends coming out this season. Metallic nails are having a moment right now, and if you’re thinking about giving them a try, this is the right time. The fun thing about this trend is that you can introduce it with any color. It was seen in gold, pink, green, yellow, red, champagne and black on the runway meaning it will suit any skin tone. 

Want to try the trend? Make sure to use good quality nail polishes since they often include chemicals and are consequently toxic for our health and body. Among the several toxic ingredients, the most commons are solvents, plasticizers, adhesive polymers, and other obscure-sounding and foul-smelling ingredients that work to achieve the durable and glossy coating we’ve come to desire. There are three ingredients, also known as the Big Three’ chemicals, that you should avoid: dibutyl phthalate or DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. There are also the nail polish lines that have gone above-and-beyond to consider. Brands like Treat Collection, RGB and Chanel, remove formaldehyde resin and camphor from their ingredients in addition to the Big Three mentioned above. 

Text: Margaux Lombard, October 18th 2018

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